Is Philosophy Good for Law? – Legal Insights and Analysis

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Yo, listen up, I got something to say
Philosophy and law, do they have a sway?
Well, let’s take a look, see what they’re about
And dive into the legal world, with a mighty shout

Is philosophy good for law, can it make a change?
Or is it just something that’s a little too strange?
Well, let’s dig deep, explore what’s true
And see if philosophy can bring something new

From breach of contract letters, to the Boykin law firm
Let’s see if philosophy can make these things squirm
Are replica guns legal, or is it all a blur?
Let’s find out with philosophy, see if it can stir

NCA certification requirements, define legal standards
Can a true statement be slander, or is it underhanded?
Is it legal to own a tank, or sign a TN lease?
With philosophy in hand, let’s seek some inner peace

Direct deposit agreement, it’s a legal bind
But with philosophy in tow, let’s see what we find
So, my friends, there you have it, the link between the two
Philosophy and law, what a mighty brew